Немагнитная печь MMTD24 (Magnetic Measurements)

Немагнитная печь для 24 образцов для термомагнитной чистки и выполнения процедуры Телье. Дата установки: 29 ноября 2016 г.

A 24 sample Thermal Demagnetizer with 2 cooling rates for palaeomagnetism and palaeointensity research

  • Robust ceramic oven element and virtually unbreakable non-magnetic sample holder for long trouble free operation.
  • Simple but sophisticated programmable Heat/Hold/Cool cycle, no need to manually move hot samples from a heating to a cooling chamber.
  • Sophisticated proportional temperature control with power indicator (not ON/OFF controller).
  • Internal calibrated solenoid for creating TRM s. Ideal for ‘double heating’ Thellier experiments.
  • 4 layer Mu-metal shields with our special electronic activation to improve degaussing and performance. Samples always in a near zero magnetic field less than 10nT.
  • Ultra low thermal gradients, Maximum deviation 8 deg C at 500 deg C over full load of samples.
  • Absolute temperature accuracy 1 deg C, resolution 0.1 deg C, maximum temperature 800 deg C. repeatability 0.1 deg C, ideal for Thellier experiments as well as conventional thermal demagnetisation.
  • Optional extra MMTDVP 2 stage vacuum pump and fittings, vacuum quartz sample holder.
  • Optional extra MMCCPSU constant current power supply for Thellier experiments, field on during both heating and cooling.
  • Power consumption 2.7 KVA.
  • Battery backup, If mains electricity fails the system remembers the programme sequence.
  • Safety Features, no power to oven element when samples are inserted/removed, Software over temperature trip isolates oven and cools, mechanical over temperature trip cuts power to oven.
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