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Vladislav POWERMAN

Work phone: 
+7 (499) 254-91-05

Engineering laboratory of the geomagnetic field and Petromagnetism IPE

In 2003 he entered the Moscow Geological Prospecting Institute. But then it had been different, the third title in a row. After the third year again replaced by the abbreviation (MGRI - MGGA - MGGRU - RGGRU). But I, as well as all current and former mgrishniki use only the old name.

After the second year our group - Mineralogy and Petrology - deprived of mandatory training practice in the Crimea. But in my life, this sad fact has played a very positive role. Not wanting to stay in Moscow, I went on his first expedition to Lake Baikal with Andrei and Volodya Shatsillo Vodovozov. All other field seasons were invariably associated with the Laboratory of the main geomagnetic field and Petromagnetism.

In 2007 he successfully defended his undergrad degree (nauch.ruk. - Pavlov VE), which attempted to link the direction of the department (mineralogy) from paleomagnetism. Title of diploma: "Magnetic mineralogy of the gabbro-dolerite nersinskogo Kompeks (p. Uda) and its significance for the interpretation of paleomagnetic data." Our study with a second director - Vladimir Tsel'movich accidentally discovered a new mineral. It happens.

Also in 2007, I entered the full-time Master's Geological Faculty of Moscow State University, at the Department of Dynamic Geology. Why is something like "fermentation" of high school to college we did not spread out and not particularly welcome in contrast to, say, the United States. There could easily be a scientist, graduated Bachelor of, say, Stanford Masters - at Yale graduate school at Harvard, and received a postdoctoral position at MIT.

   In IPE work in two directions. The main theme - paleomagnetism of the Siberian platform in the middle Paleozoic. In 2007, my colleagues and I (Shatsillo, Paverman Pavlov) published new data on the Silurian Nyuyskogo facial area. Now engaged in the Devonian. This project involves our colleagues at the California univesitet in Santa Cruz: Robert Co., and Schischi Zhao.

The second direction - numerical simulation in paleomagnetism. For a better understanding of magnetic recording in the rocks we Vladimir E. Pavlov (the idea of ​​it, the performance of mine) created software (Palmograph), allowing to simulate the "direct" paleomagnetic task. At the inlet have magnetic components at the output - the resulting chart Zijderveld. Already received some interesting results, such as the occurrence of false (geometric) components.


Датаsort ascending Данные публикации Файлы
23-11-2019 Vladislav Powerman, Richard Hanson, Anna Nosova, Gary H. Girty, Jeremy Hourigan and Andrei Tretiakov
Nature and timing of Late Devonian–early Mississippian island-arc magmatism in the Northern Sierra terrane and implications for regional Paleozoic plate tectonics
Geosphere, 2019, v. 16, no. X p. 1–23, /10.1130 /GES02105.1
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08-02-2019 T. V. Romanyuk, N. B. Kuznetsov, V. N. Puchkov, N. D. Sergeeva, V. I. Powerman, V. M. Gorozhanin, E. N. Gorozhanina
A Local Source of Detritus for Rocks of the Ai Formation (Basal Level of the Lower Riphean Stratotype, Bashkir Uplift, Southern Urals): Evidence from U–Pb (LA-ICP-MS) Dating of Detrital Zircons
Doklady Earth Sciences, 2019, Vol. 484, Part 1, pp. 53–57
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27-01-2019 Alexei V. Ivanov, Ivan V. Levitskii, Valery I. Levitskii, Fernando Corfu, Elena I. Demonterova, Leonid Z. Reznitskii, Ludmila A. Pavlova, Vadim S. Kamenetsky, Valery M. Savatenkov, Vladislav I. Powerman
Shoshonitic magmatism in the Paleoproterozoic of the south-western Siberian Craton: An analogue of the modern post-collision setting
A.V. Ivanov, I.V. Levitskii, V.I. Levitskii, et al., Shoshonitic magmatism in the Paleoproterozoic of the south-western Siberian Craton: An analogue of the modern post-collision setting, LITHOS,
PDF icon Download
02-01-2019 V. E. Pavlov, A. M. Pasenko, A. V. Shatsillo, V. I. Powerman, V. V. Shcherbakova, S. V. Malyshev
Systematics of Early Cambrian Paleomagnetic Directions from the Northern and Eastern regions of the Siberian Platform and the Problem of an Anomalous Geomagnetic Field in the Time Vicinity of the Proterozoic–Phanerozoic Boundary
Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, 2018, Vol. 54, No. 5, pp. 782–805
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01-07-2015 Vladislav Powerman, Andrey Shatsillo, Nikolai Chumakov, Igor Kapitonov, Jeremy Hourigan
Interaction between the Central Asian Orogenic Belt (CAOB) and the Siberian craton as recorded by detrital zircon suites from Transbaikalia
Precambrian Research 267 (2015) 39–71
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05-05-2015 Alan D. Chapman, W.G. Ernst, Eric Gottlieb, Vladislav Powerman, and Ellen P. Metzger
Detrital zircon geochronology of Neoproterozoic–Lower Cambrian passive-margin strata of the White-Inyo Range, east-central California: Implications for the Mojave–Snow Lake fault hypothesis
GSA Bulletin, 2015
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10-09-2014 Shatsillo A.V., Fedyukin I.V., Powerman V.I.
Paleomagnetism of the Late Paleozoic granites of the Angara–Vitim batholith and the host rocks of the Baikal-Patom folded area: tectonic implications
Russian Geology and Geophysics 55 (2014) 864–880
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23-03-2013 Vladislav Powerman, Andrei Shatsillo, Robert Coe, Xixi Zhao, Dmitry Gladkochub, Robert Buchwaldt, and Vladimir Pavlov
Palaeogeography of the Siberian platform during middle Palaeozoic Times (~450-400 Ma): new palaeomagnetic evidence from the Lena and Nyuya rivers
Geophys. J. Int. 2013 194: 1412-1440.
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30-04-2007 A. V. Shatsillo, V. I. Paverman, and V. E. Pavlov
Middle Paleozoic Segment of the Apparent Polar Wander Path from the Siberian Platform: New Paleomagnetic Evidence for the Silurian of the Nyuya-Berezovskii Facial Province
Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, 2007, Vol. 43, No. 10, pp. 880–889.
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