Vertical cryogenic (SQUID) magnetometer 2G Enterprises with XY-table sample changer

Cryogenic (SQUID) magnetometer 2G Enterprises (USA) is designed to measure the remanent magnetization of rock samples and synthetic materials. During the measurement the sample is at rest, which allows, together with the high sensitivity of the device, to measure the magnetization of almost any type of samples, including liquids. The maximum permitted size (diameter) of the sample is 3 cm, length of the sample is not more than 3 cm; the minimum size is not limited. The magnetometer has a vertical orientation and is equipped with automatic sample changing system (XY-table) that can be used for automatic processing of up to 99 paleomagnetic samples.

The sensitivity of the order of 1E-7 A / m.

Cryogenic magnetometer installed in January 2013. It is located in a nonmagnetic room 12m² made by Lodestar Magnetics (US), more than 200 times reducing the external magnetic field. The magnetometer is equipped with an automatic measurement of the magnetization and research petromagnetic properties of samples (Joseph Kirschvink, CalTech), allows to do unattended measurements of residual magnetization and magnetic cleaning alternating field (AF-cleaning) 99 oriented images. Using this tool, it is also possible the creation of isothermal magnetization (IRM), the anhysteretic magnetization (ARM), the measurement of the magnetic susceptibility of the sample.

For all issues related to the technical characteristics and the organization of work on the cryogenic magnetometer, please refer to the Roman Veselovskiy. The current load of the cryogenic magnetometer can be monitored online schedule - the section "Schedule" on the menu of this site.

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