PMC MicroMag 3900 VSM with high temperature furnace

The 3900 Series MicroMag™ system establishes a new standard of performance for vibrating sample magnetometers. High sensitivity (0.5 µemu at 1 s/point, 0.1 µemu at 10 s/point), high speed measurements (10 ms/point), a fast four-quadrant power supply, and either a 2 in or 4 in laboratory electromagnet plus comprehensive Windows®-based operating software make the 3900 Series a state-of-the-art magnetic measurement system.

Anisotropy measurements are facilitated by a driver head that provides continuous rotation about the z-axis (under computer control). Precision x, y, z translation stages permit fast and accurate sample placement. Sample holders accommodate a wide variety of thin films, solids, powders and liquids. A quick-release collet and reduced length drive rods allow rapid sample interchange.

The 3900 Series MicroMag™ system accommodates all types of samples (up to 5 × 5 × 5 mm): solids, ultra thin films, powders, liquids and even slurries. Applications include measurements of magnetic recording media, MRAM, GMR and TMR heads, amorphous metals, rare earth magnets, high temperature superconductors, nanomagnets, ferrofluids, biological specimens, toner material, magneto-optic devices, paleomagnetic samples and diamagnetic and paramagnetic materials.

Optional LHe or LN2 low temperature accessories and a high temperature furnace option are available for the VSM.

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