ASC IM-100 Impulse Magnetizer

Pulse magnetizer ASC Scientific IM-100 generates short pulses of magnetic field for the magnetization of rock samples. The instrument is ideal for studying the creation of isothermal remanent magnetization (IRM) and the anisotropy of IRM. Four different coil holders allow precise creation of fields from 30 G to 50 kgs (we have 2 coils).

The field produced by the current discharge of the capacitor through the coil. First, the capacitor is charged to the correct voltage (corresponding to the required field), then quickly discharged through the coil.

The device can be controlled remotely via a 9-pin connector located on the rear panel. Also, there is an additional outer coil, which can be used instead of the inside.

Requirements for samples: samples can be of any shape, the main thing is not more than 4 cm in maximum dimension. Ideal - cubes with an edge of 2 cm or 1 inch cylinders.

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