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07-03-2007 E. A. Molostovskii, D. M. Pechersky, and I. Yu. Frolov
Magnetostratigraphic Timescale of the Phanerozoic and Its Description Using a Cumulative Distribution Function
Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, 2007, Vol. 43, No. 10, pp. 811–818.
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07-02-2007 V.E. Pavlov, V. Courtillot, M.L. Bazhenov, R.V. Veselovsky
Paleomagnetism of the Siberian traps: New data and a new overall 250 Ma pole for Siberia
Tectonophysics, 2007, Vol. 443, pp. 72–92.
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07-10-2006 A. V. Shatsillo, and V. E. Pavlov
Paleomagnetism of Vendian rocks in the southwest of the Siberian Platform
Russian Journal Of Earth Sciences, Vol. 7, ES3006, doi:10.2205/2005ES000192, 2006
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08-08-2006 D.M. Pechersky, A.F. Grachev, D.K. Nourgaliev, V.A. Tsel’movich, and Z.V. Sharonova
Magnetolithologic and Magnetomineralogical Characteristics of Deposits at the Mesozoic/Cenozoic Boundary: Gams Section (Austria)
RUSSIAN JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES, VOL. 8, ES3001, doi:10.2205/2006ES000204, 2006
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02-11-2005 V. E. Pavlov, Y. Gallet
A third superchron during the Early Paleozoic
Episodes, Vol. 28, no. 2, 2005.
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26-07-2005 A. V. Shatsillo, A. N. Didenko, and V. E. Pavlov
Two competing Paleomagnetic directions in the Late Vendian: New data for the SW Region of the Siberian Platform
Russian Journal Of Earth Sciences, Vol. 7, ES4002, doi:10.2205/2004ES000169, 2005
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02-04-2005 D.M. Pechersky, A.V. Garbuzenko
The Mesozoic-Cenozoic boundary: Paleomagnetic characteristic
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22-07-2004 V. E. Pavlov, Y. Gallet, A. V. Shatsillo, and V. Yu. Vodovozov
Paleomagnetism of the Lower Cambrian from the Lower Lena River Valley: Constraints on the Apparent Polar Wander Path from the Siberian Platform and the Anomalous Behavior of the Geomagnetic Field at the Beginning of the Phanerozoic
Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, Vol. 40, No. 2, 2004, pp. 114–133. Translated from Fizika Zemli, No. 2, 2004, pp. 28–49.
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29-03-2004 D.M. Pechersky, V.S. Zakharov, A.A. Lyubushin
Continuous record of geomagnetic field variations during cooling of the Monchegorsk, Kivakka and Bushveld Early Proterozoic layered intrusions
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25-08-2003 Yves Gallet, Vladimir Pavlov, and Vincent Courtillot
Magnetic reversal frequency and apparent polar wander of the Siberian platform in the earliest Palaeozoic, inferred from the Khorbusuonka river section (northeastern Siberia)
Geophysical Journal International, 2003, v. 154, pp.829-840.
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26-05-2002 V. E. Pavlov, Y. Gallet, P. Yu. Petrov, D. Z. Zhuravlev, and A. V. Shatsillo
The Ui Group and Late Riphean Sills in the Uchur–Maya Area: Isotope and Paleomagnetic Data and the Problem of the Rodinia Supercontinent
Geotectonics, Vol. 36, No. 4, 2002, pp. 278–292. Translated from Geotektonika, No. 4, 2002, pp. 26–41.
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27-04-2001 D. M. Pechersky and Yu. S. Genshaft
Petromagnetism of the continental lithosphere and the origin of regional magnetic anomalies: A review
Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol. 3, No. 2, June 2001
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07-11-2000 V.Bachtadse, V.Pavlov, A.Kazansky, J.Tait
Siluro-Devonian paleomagnetic results from the Tuva Terrane (southern Siberia, Russia): implications for the paleogeography of Siberia
Journal of Geophysical Research, vol. 105, N O. B6, Pages 13,509-13,518. June 10, 2000.
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01-09-2000 V. E. Pavlov, Y. Gallet, and A. V. Shatsillo
Paleomagnetism of the Upper Riphean Lakhandinskaya Group in the Uchuro-Maiskii Area and the Hypothesis of the Late Proterozoic Supercontinent
Izvestiya, Physics of the Solid Earth, Vol. 36, No. 8, 2000, pp. 638–648. Translated from Fizika Zemli, No. 8, 2000, pp. 23–34.
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24-06-2000 V. Pavlov, Y. Gallet
Middle Cambrian high magnetic reversal frequency (Kulumbe river section, northwestern Siberia) and reversal behaviour during the Early Palaeozoic
Earth and Planetary Science Letters. 2000. V. 185 N 1-2.Pp.173-183.
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17-03-2000 Gallet Y., Pavlov V.E., Semikhatov M.A., Petrov P.Ju.
Late Mesoproterozoic magnetostratigraphic results from Siberia: Paleogeographic implications and magnetic field behavior
Journal of Geophysical Research. 2000. V.105. №B7. P.16,481-16,499.
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04-05-1999 V. E. Pavlov and I. Galle
Paleomagnetically Derived Reconstruction of the Relative Positions of Siberia and Laurentia in the Terminal Mesoproterozoic
Geotectonics, Vol. 33, No. 6, 1999, pp. 436–447. Translated from Geotektonika, No. 6, 1999, pp. 16–28.
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09-06-1998 V. E. Pavlov and Y. Gallet
Upper Cambrian to Middle Ordovician magnetostratigraphy from the Kulumbe river section (northwestern Siberia)
Physics of the Earth and Planetary Interiors 108, 1998. 49–59.
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01-02-1998 D. M. Pechersky
Neogaean paleomagnetism constraints on the processes at the core and surface of the Earth
Russian Journal of Earth Sciences, Vol 1, No. 2, December 1998
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23-03-1996 Yves Gallet, Vladimir Pavlov
Magnetostratigraphy of the Moyero river section (north-western Siberia): constraints on geomagnetic reversal frequency during the early Palaeozoic
Geophysical Journal International. 1996. V.125. Pp. 95-105
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05-02-1994 Pavlov V.E.
Paleomagnetic poles of the Uchur-Maya Riphaean Hypostratotype and the Drift of the Aldan Block (of the Siberian Craton) in the Riphaean
Doklady Rossiyskoy Akademii Nauk, 1994, Vol. 336, No. 4, pp. 533-537.
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